Residential Services

Ilisaqtuat TukkumaviatIlisaqtuat Tukkumaviat – A Place for Students to Feel at Home

Iḷisaġvik College operates a residential facility for full-time students. A cafeteria, lounge area, recreational center, laundry services and residential housing are available for students. The center is supervised by a dorm parent who ensures a safe, secure, culturally-rich, learning environment. All students living on campus are required to participate in an orientation program at the beginning of each semester designed to familiarize them with dorm rules and regulations and the programs and services available at the college. Residential students are required to attend various seminars throughout the semester designed to increase their success in all facets of college life.

Housing Application and Admissions

Students may apply for campus housing by completing a residential housing application. Students are encouraged to submit this application along with their admission application. Residential housing applications are available at the main campus building, the North Slope Borough teleconference offices and a PDF copy is available. Click here to download the housing application.

Admission to school residential facilities will be on a “first come, first serve” basis, with North Slope residents given priority over off-Slope applicants. Students accepted into housing will be notified in writing before the beginning of their planned semester at the college. Students living in the residential center must maintain full-time student status unless approved by the Dean of Instruction and Workforce Development.

Family Housing

Iḷisaġvik has limited family housing available. Students requiring family housing must follow the application and admission procedure described above. The Director of Student Services works with TNHA to secure appropriate living space for eligible students and their families. All family housing is off campus.