Tuition Costs


2016-2017    $145 for each credit hour

Tuition will not be charged for CEU courses. These courses may be subject to course fees or other charges.
The tuition schedule is subject to change.

Tuition Waivers

The College President may waive fees based on community need. Tuition waivers have been established for select North Slope residents to include elders (sixty-two years or older), fire and emergency personnel, and North Slope Borough School District certified teaching staff. Waivers must be submitted during the semester the coursework is taken. For more information, contact Registration at 907.852.1757.


Registration Fee    $50
Graduation Fee    $50

Student Support Services Fee
$60 per semester  (1-11 credits)
$120 per semester
(12+ credits)

Course Fees

Courses which require the use of special materials, supplies, or services, may have a materials or lab fee in addition to any applicable credit-hour charge. Many vocational programs, as well as science and other lab courses, require students to buy special supplies to supplement those furnished by the program. Students are responsible for these fees as well as for purchasing textbooks and tools. Some workshops, community education classes, and special interest courses have a fee.


The following budgets are estimated for a student NOT living on campus and enrolled full-time
(12 semester hours) for the 2016-2017 academic year.

Cost to Student

Tuition    $3,480
Registration Fee    $100
Student Support Services Fee    $240
Books    $800
Personal Expenses    $2,730
Total    $7,350

Room And Board

Room and board fees are due at the time of registration.

Student Housing

Housing at the residential center is $2,000 per semester based on double occupancy. A damage deposit of $270 ($1,000 for family housing) must be submitted at the time of admission to the college. After receipt of an acceptable exit report, returning students will be allowed to carry forward the deposit to the next semester. Deposits will be forfeited if the exit report is not acceptable. Students may be charged for additional costs of repairs up to the total cost of the repairs. Students in that case will have to submit another damage deposit, as well as pay for any outstanding repair charges, before entering either residential or family housing for the next semester.

Students who choose to live in the residential center or the family housing unit are responsible for all other living expenses such as sheets, towels, toiletries, snacks, etc.

Dorm – Semester (based on double occupancy)     $2,000

Student Meals

Each residential student is required to purchase a semester meal plan for on-campus meals. Students who pay for a meal plan will receive a meal card. Meals are served cafeteria-style.

Full Residential Student Meal Plan    $4,500
Partial Residential Student Meal Plan    $3,300

For information about commercial rates or non-student costs, please visit our website.


The following budgets are estimated for a student living on campus and enrolled full time (12 semester hours) for the 2016-2017 academic year.
All expenses are estimates and subject to change. For information on individual program fees, contact the financial aid officer.

Cost to Student

Tuition    $3,480
Registration Fee    $100
Student Support Services Fee    $240
Books    $800
Room    $4,000
Board    $6,600-$9,000
Travel (on-Slope airfare)    $1,880
Transportation Fee    $250
Personal Expenses    $2,730
Total    $20,080 – $22,480