Iḷisaġvik College Foundational Studies Program

Foundational Studies

IỊisaġvik College offers a series of courses that help students master the foundational skills necessary for college success. Classes focus on strengthening English and Math skills, so students can confidently and successfully transition into 100-level courses.

Program Outcomes

The Foundational Studies course sequence is based
on individual student need; therefore, upon completion
of the identified sequence of courses, students will
have gained one or more of the following:

• Basic skills in preparation for college-level course participation
• An academic foundation to gain proficiency in writing and arithmetic skills
• General knowledge of college life


ACCUPLACER is a computer-adaptive placement test that helps to place students into the appropriate course level. Students do not pass or fail the test; they do not earn a grade. The sole purpose of the test is to place the  students  in  the  course  level  that  they  are  able to complete successfully. Students are placed into foundational courses based on the following scores:

If you’re taking the ACCUPLACER soon and would like to take practice tests, please visit https://uniontestprep.com/accuplacer-test/practice-test