Iḷisaġvik College - Admissions


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IỊisaġvik College has an open admissions policy and welcomes applications from all prospective students who desire to attend and can demonstrate the ability to benefit from programs offered by the college. Admission to the college does not guarantee admission to any particular program. For entrance into degree and certificate programs, see the section below.

Admissions into a Certificate or Degree Program

To be admitted into a degree or certificate program, the applicant must show the potential to succeed in the program. This potential is demonstrated by obtaining a high school diploma or GED prior to college admission. However, some “non-traditional” students may not satisfy admission requirements, but may have the ability to benefit from certain courses. In order to receive funding, he/she must have a diploma from high school or a GED.

Students may apply for admission to IỊisaġvik at any time throughout the year. However, some programs in vocational fields have limited enrollment. Students seeking priority admission are encouraged to apply at least one month before the start of the term. Students who transfer from another college or university are advised to apply at least two months before the term in which they wish to enroll to allow for evaluation of their transfer credits.

The deadline for admission is published in the academic calendar.

Catalog Year

Students who have been accepted into a certificate or degree program must either meet the requirements specified in the catalog in effect at the time of admission to the program or the catalog in effect at the time of graduation.

Application Procedure

To apply for admission, all applicants must submit the following:

  • Application for Admission: An application form can be picked up from all college sites and from village teleconference centers. Completed forms must be returned to the Registrar’s Office. See the academic calendar located in the inside front cover for deadlines.
  • An official copy of transcript certifying the student’s high school diploma or a copy of his/her official GED certificate. First-time students should have their high school transcripts sent to the Registrar’s Office. High school seniors who apply before graduation must have a second, final transcript sent following their graduation.
  • Provide a copy of Alaska Native Shareholder-Native American Tribal Affiliation card, if qualified. Qualified students may be eligible for additional scholarship funds.

Students who are applying for certificate or degree programs should check the individual program in the college’s catalog to determine if there are any additional application requirements for that specific program.

Transfer Students

Students transferring from other accredited institutions are welcome to apply for admission to IỊisaġvik. In addition to the application materials described above, transfer students must also submit the following:

  • Official college transcript(s) from any higher education institution(s) previously attended (submit to Registrar’s Office).
  • Copies of financial aid documents from other schools attended, if applying for financial aid (submit to Financial Aid Office).

Students transferring from other institutions who are on probation will be admitted on probation for their first semester at the college.

Transfer Evaluation

Transfer credit evaluations will be completed for all students applying to a certificate or degree program and wishing to have college credits accepted that were taken at other regionally accredited colleges and universities. Transcripts will be evaluated once the student has been admitted to a degree or certificate program. Only transcripts from regionally accredited institutions declared at the time of admission are considered for transfer evaluation. Only transfer courses that have a grade of C or better will be considered at IỊisaġvik College. Transfer credits do not count toward a student’s GPA at IỊisaġvik.

Notification of Admissions

Qualified applicants receive a letter of acceptance once the application requirements are met. Upon acceptance into a program, students will be assigned a faculty advisor. Acceptance into a program does not guarantee acceptance into the residential center. See the Residential Services section of this catalog for more information on campus housing.

Provisional Admission

Provisional admission may be granted to an applicant while awaiting receipt of his/her transcript. Provisional admission may also be granted if admission requirements for the college have been met, but the applicant still needs to complete one or more program-specific requirements.

Declaration and Change of Program

If a student who has been formally admitted to a program wishes to transfer from one program to another, he or she may do so by filing a Change of Program Form with the Registrar’s Office. This form may be obtained from the Registrar. Students must meet the specific admissions requirements of their new program.

Acceptance into the new program is on a space-available basis and, when accepted, students will be assigned an advisor from that program. Students are advised to contact the faculty advisor for the new program at the earliest opportunity for further information about the program’s special requirements and for guidance in selecting appropriate preparatory classes.

Requirements for Second Degree

To receive a second Associate of Arts, Associate of Science or Associate of Applied Science degree, students must earn at least 12 credit hours beyond the first degree and complete all requirements for the second degree program.

Students may pursue additional degrees as long as they have formally applied and been accepted to each program.

Continuing Enrollment

Students who drop their enrollment at IỊisaġvik for a period greater than twelve consecutive months will be required to reapply to the college for admission. They will be expected to meet admission requirements in existence at the time of re-admission.


FRESH START can offer a new beginning for students who previously performed poorly at IỊisaġvik College (or other colleges and universities). Those who withdrew from school or were dismissed for academic reasons may apply for re-admission under this program and have their entire prior academic record disregarded. Those who apply on this basis begin their college study anew with no credits attempted or earned and no quality points reflected in future GPA calculations. FRESH START may be used only once.

Prior academic records remain part of a student’s overall academic record and appear on transcripts, but none of the previously earned credits can be used in a new program, nor may they be counted for the purposes of GPA with the exception of calculating honors at graduation. A student admitted under FRESH START may be allowed advanced standing or a waiver of requirements just as any other student, but will not be allowed credit by exam for courses lost in FRESH START.

Dual Credit – High School Students


Dual credit is a partnership between IỊisaġvik College and the North Slope Borough School District. This program allows eligible students to earn both college and high school credit for courses they take at the college while still in high school.


To be eligible, high school students must be juniors or seniors, have passed the High School Qualifying Exam (HSQE), and have a minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.0. With written approval from the student’s parent or guardian and the designated North Slope Borough School District official, students may enroll for courses at the 100 level with IỊisaġvik College. Seniors may enroll for up to six credits hours per semester. Juniors may enroll for up to four credit hours per semester. Students must meet all prerequisites for the courses for which they wish to register, unless waived by the Dean of Instruction and Workforce Development upon the recommendation of the school district. Upon the request of the school district, the Dean may permit students to enroll in courses at the sub 100 level. Qualified high school students are allowed to enroll in courses not available to them through the North Slope Borough School District.


Dual credit applicants must:

  • Meet the above eligibility criteria.
  • Complete the Dual Credit and Records Release Application for High School Students.
  • Submit an unofficial high school transcript.
  • Submit the completed and signed Dual Credit and Records Release Application form to the IỊisaġvik College Registrar’s Office at the time of registration.
  • A student registering for an English or mathematics course is also required to take a placement exam prior to enrollment.

By signing the Dual Credit and Records Release Application, the student and parent or guardian gives the college permission to release the student’s academic record to the North Slope Borough School District.

While attending IỊisaġvik College, the student will be expected to adhere to all policies of the college.

Dual credit students will be referred to an advisor from the Academic department for advising concerning transferable college courses.