Iḷisaġvik College Online Learning

Online Learning

Accessing MyCampus

If you are currently registered for any class at Iḷisaġvik for this semester you will have an account in MyCampus, our learning management system. To access your account click MyCampus . Your user name is in the format firstname.lastname and your password is the same password you use to login to your college email account.

If you have problems accessing your account you can call the Distance Education Hot Line at (907) 855-0589 or send an email distanceed@ilisagvik.edu.

Solar Storms Affect Internet Connectivity

A solar storm results in beautiful Northern Lights but unfortunately, this heightened geomagnetic storm activity can also interfere with internet connectivity across the North Slope. Check the aurora forecast to see how much solar energy is bombarding the earth:

Aurora Forecast from the University of Alaska Geophysical Institute


What is Distance Education?

Iḷisaġvik College offers distance education courses utilizing both teleconference and MyCampus, an online course management system. Registration for an online course is the same as for other courses in Barrow. Village students wishing to take an online course should visit their teleconference center for assistance with registration. To successfully take an online course from home or from the teleconference center, students must be ready to handle the rigors of the online world. The tools, materials and skills needed to take an online course should not be overlooked. These include:

  1. A dedicated internet connection at home is essential, unless you intend to use your village teleconference center’s public computers.
  2. Competency in computer use on either a Windows or MAC platform.
  3. A working knowledge of file manipulation and management including attaching files, downloading and understanding of file extensions.
  4. The appropriate software (Microsoft Office 2007). The teleconference centers in the villages have the latest office applications.

In Barrow and in the villages, training can be provided on how MyCampus works. Village teleconference centers have a Liaison at each site who can help students enroll and order textbooks. Teleconference center personnel can also assist with basic computer troubleshooting. Those with limited computer knowledge should consider enrolling in IC3 – Internet Computing Core Certification (IT 117, IT 118, and IT 119) or IT 100 Introduction to Online Learning.

In addition, Iḷisaġvik instructors may use a live synchronous web conferencing platform, to deliver live instruction. Students participate from their own computer, at their own location, through an internet connection using a headset with a mic attached (or an audio conference line). This format requires students and instructor to meet at a pre-designated time. Students should be comfortable in a live internet setting and either have permission of the instructor or have taken IT 100 Introduction to Online Learning course. For more information, contact the distance delivery instructor at distanceed@ilisagvik.edu (907) -852-1706 or (907) -852-1750.

Is Online Learning Right for You?

Online learning can be a positive experience. Take a look at a sample class by clicking the link below;

Online Learning considerations

  • A computer and Internet connection.
  • Basic Internet and computer skills.
  • Online learning is often accelerated and requires that you are motivated and can work independently.
  • You’ll still need to devote a sufficient number of hours each week.
  • You’ll need to be able to express yourself well in writing.
  • You are likely to incur reduced expenses by taking online courses.
  • Online courses may fit better with your busy life because you can access your classes anytime, anywhere through the Internet.
  • You can simultaneously take on-campus and online courses.
  • You may need to attend some classes in person as well as online. Check your course description for more information.
  • Many students who aren’t comfortable participating in on-campus classes find they contribute more freely online.