Using Your College Computer Accounts

As a student at Iḷisaġvik College you have access to email, MyCampus and shared files on the college computer network. Use the following information to log on to your accounts:

From a computer on campus:

  1. Username: firstname.lastname (for example: johnny.barrow)
  2. Password: lastname+last four of your social security number (for example: barrow1234)
  3. Domain: All Iḷisaġvik College accounts are in the domain “ilisagvikcc”.  A domain is a little like your family name. If you cannot connect to the network using your username and password check the domain

From any computer connected to the internet:

  1. In a browser, such as Mozilla, go to
  2. Select either “Webmail”or“MyCampus” from the top of the page.


To access webmail use your username and password (for example:

  • Username= johnny.barrow
  • Password = barrow1234


My Campus is used by your instructors to provide information to you for class. Log in using your username and password. (Hint: If you have trouble logging in to MyCampus the first time, try logging in to web mail first, then try MyCampus again)

Editing your email address in MyCampus

Instructors often send important messages to students in their classes through MyCampus. Your default address in MyCampus is . If you’d prefer to get your messages on your own mail system, like Hotmail or Yahoo, follow these instructions.

If you would like to edit any of your profile information click your own name at the top of the page.

Still having trouble?

If you are having trouble getting logged in you can call the Distance Education Support Line at 907-855-0589