Student Success Center

The Student Success Center offers a variety of support to ensure student success. Van rides to and from classes; a Learning Resource Center staffed with tutors; village liaisons; guidance support from the Student Wellness Coordinator and the Retention and Persistence Coordinator; Student Government; residential housing; social activities; computer labs; placement testing; student success skills mini-seminars; and a gym are all offered by the Center. Iḷisaġvik also has a full service cafeteria and bookstore, and the Tuzzy Library provides reference and research support and offers inter-library loan services.

The Student Success Center invites all students to explore the services and student programs offered through Iḷisaġvik College. Barrow and village-based staff provide individualized student assistance, advocacy, strength-based counseling, referral services and academic assistance. Life-skills and college-success seminars are scheduled on a regular basis. Our Iñupiaq values are the foundation for all programs and services.

Student Government

In keeping with the long-time regional goal of self-determination and governance, Iḷisaġvik College strongly encourages its students to participate in leadership building activities. Iḷisaġvik’s student government is the official representative body of students. Student leaders represent student views to the Board of Trustees, administration, staff and faculty and assist in outreach efforts on behalf of the college. Elections are held each fall. Full-time, part-time, residential and non-residential students are encouraged to participate. For questions, or if you are interested in getting involved, please contact

Service to Community

Iḷisaġvik College supports a community of people committed to its mission. Students are encouraged to become involved in all programs, services and opportunities available. Service to family, elders and community is vital. Students have worked on a number of class and community projects that reflect this service.

Student Organizations

Students have joined together to form an Iḷisaġvik College community basketball team, an organization of Native artisans and crafters, a computer club, and other activities. Any suggestions for student organizations and activities are welcome.

Student Orientation

Orientation is a series of planned events at the beginning of each semester that allows students to become familiar with their college. Orientation occurs prior to the first day of classes each semester and is a time when students are able to meet other students, faculty and staff. Organized by the Student Success Center, orientation assists students through the registration and enrollment process.

Recreation and Cultural Activities

Student Success Center staff provide numerous formal and informal recreational and cultural activities to enhance the learning environment.

The Student Success Center maintains a recreation center on the main college campus. It is equipped with a basketball court, ping-pong and pool tables, weight machines, treadmill, stair steppers and other recreational equipment. Hours are posted on the Iḷisaġvik web site.

Transportation Services

A van is available to transport students to and from classes at a nominal fee. For more information, please click here

Computer Services

The Information Systems (IS) department provides local campus network, computing, telephone, and online services as well as a variety of important and useful technology-related services to students, staff and faculty.

E-Mail Access

Email accounts are available to all students, staff and faculty. Visit or contact the Information Systems department for more information; they can be reached via email at

Computer Labs

Open computer labs for all students are located at the main campus. These labs are generally accessible weekdays, evenings, and Saturdays, with specific hours for each posted at their location. An additional lab with programs for academic and recreational use by residential students is available in the residential center. Additional computers are available at the Tuzzy Consortium Library and through the village liaison offices located in the North Slope Borough Teleconference Center in each village.

Computing services are free to Iḷisaġvik students. Students using computers for academic purposes in open labs have priority over students using computers for other purposes. Students may obtain access to the Internet by filling out a User Account Request Form and submitting it to the registration office.

Users of college computer labs are expected to:

  • Respect the privacy of other users and their material
  • Treat all computer equipment with care
  • Maintain the integrity of the networks by not altering the network software or data
  • Comply with all proper use requirements, including ethical and legal use of software

Residential Services

Iḷisaġvik has on-campus dormitory housing available consisting of a men’s wing, a women’s wing and a lounge/kitchen area. One family housing unit is available as well. Applications are available on the main campus. The reservation form for residential housing can be found here.


The Iḷisaġvik College Bookstore is located in the main building, just off the lobby. The bookstore stocks all required and recommended textbooks and other course materials, which can be purchased in the store or by e-mail or telephone. Payment may be made through financial aid, credit cards, cash, checks or money orders. We also carry books on Iñupiaq language and culture and Arctic natural science, as well as biographies, stories, novels and children’s books with Native and Arctic themes and Iḷisaġvik logo clothing and gifts.

Distance Education

Iḷisaġvik College offers distance education via web-based online courses, video technology, teleconference and independent study. Services are provided in each village across the North Slope Borough. Village liaisons assist students in applying to Iḷisaġvik, registering for courses, assist in training on use of technology, and referring them for available financial aid. Each village has computers for use in college studies.

Tuzzy Consortium Library

The Tuzzy Consortium Library is named in honor of the late Evelyn Tuzroyluk Higbee and serves students, faculty, staff and the public throughout the North Slope. As a college library, the collection is developed in support of the mission of Iḷisaġvik College. The library has a growing Alaska/circumpolar collection with an emphasis on information relating to the Arctic, polar regions, the North Slope, and Iñupiat history, language and culture.

The library’s online catalog can be accessed at The online catalog is a shared in partnership with the University of Alaska Fairbanks. All of the holdings of the Tuzzy Library and its branches in the villages of the North Slope, as well as all branches of UAF, can be searched through this link. The library also provides reference service and research assistance. Material may be requested from other libraries through inter-library loan (ILL) services. Requests for inter-library loan materials can be e-mailed, phoned or faxed to the library. Requests are usually filled in eight to twelve days.

Academic Assistance

The Learning Resource Centers provide academic assistance services for Iḷisaġvik students, other college students and community members who need academic support. Trained faculty and staff provide assistance in English, math, computing and program specific coursework. The Learning Resource Center is located on the main (NARL) campus in Hut 60 – Room 208, and at the Tuzzy Library. Students may also access assistance online or by phone. For more information, please click here.

Student Employment

Iḷisaġvik College provides employment opportunities for qualified students. Student employment will normally not exceed 20 hours per week during a semester. For information on eligibility criteria for student employment, contact the financial aid officer.

Job Placement

The job placement office is located on the main campus and can be reached at 907.852.1856. The Career and Education Coordinator will assist Iḷisaġvik students in finding employment opportunities that fit the skill set of the applicant. The Coordinator will help with filling out applications, creating cover letters, and enhancing individual resumes. The office also provides online access to employment opportunities.

Internships and Student Employment

Iḷisaġvik College offers all students assistance with internships, job shadows, on-the-job training and job placement. Students selected for internship positions must be in good academic standing with the college, degree-seeking, and possess demonstrated proficiencies. The work must provide an opportunity to meet academic, educational, and career objectives. The College also provides employment opportunities for qualified students. Student employment will not exceed 20 hours per week during a semester. For information on eligibility criteria for student employment, contact the Financial Aid Director at 907.852.1708

The Campus Sex Crimes Prevention Act

The Campus Sex Crimes Prevention Act (section 1601 of P.L. 106-386) is a federal law that provides for the tracking of convicted sex offenders enrolled as students at institutions of higher education, or working or volunteering on campus. The Act’s intention is to extend protections of sex offender registries to college campuses. It requires institutions of higher education to issue a statement advising the campus community where law enforcement agency information provided by a state concerning registered sex offenders may be obtained. It also requires sex offenders already required to register in a state to provide notice to the state that they are employed, carry on a vocation at, or are a student at Iḷisaġvik College. Information concerning registered sex offenders may be obtained from the Alaska Department of Public Safety at the following website: