Intervention & Grievance Process

The college has found that it is beneficial to intervene quickly in student disputes, disruptive behavior or violations of college policy. An intervention group can be called into session at any time whether or not a complaint has been filed. Every effort will be made to resolve the problem informally and directly with all involved.

Generally, the intervention group will meet as soon as possible after the members are notified of a problem or violation that may not be resolved informally. The intervention group may be comprised of the Student Services Director, Student Advocate, the student advisor, instructor(s), and one or more student representatives.

The intervention group will be guided by the Iñupiaq values in resolving problems and making recommendations.

The intervention group reviews and evaluates the complaint. The student may present information to aid in the recommendation for problem resolution. Should the student not attend the interview, the intervention group will review the facts of the case in the student’s absence. The group may create behavior contracts on behalf of the college and may recommend disciplinary actions it deems appropriate, up to and including expulsion from a student’s educational program and/or the residential center.

If the student disagrees with the recommendations of the intervention group, the case will be referred to the Dean of Instruction and Workforce Development. The Dean will review the recommendation and may interview intervention group members, students and others to determine if the recommendation was appropriate. If the Dean finds the recommendation to be valid, the recommendation will be upheld. If the student continues to disagree, the matter may be referred to the President. The President may choose to review the case, appoint a designee to review the case, or take no action. If the President chooses not to intervene, the recommendation stands.