Rec Center

Iḷisaġvik Recreation Center

Iḷisaġvik Recreation Center promotes the desire of students, faculty, and staff to seek and maintain a balanced, healthy lifestyle.


Hours of operation: 8:30pm – 11pm Monday – Friday (open from 5:30pm Wednesday and Friday)

The Iḷisaġvik gym is not open to the public, and is intended to serve the college community only.

All users are required to sign a liability waiver at the beginning of the school year in order to utilize the recreation center. Please see the gym attendant to sign a liability form.

We offer cardiovascular equipment such as treadmills, a stair climber, elliptical machines, bike machines, and a leg and thigh machine on the top floor of the facility.

On the ground floor we have the basketball area, martial arts/yoga training area, table tennis, Foosball, and a pool table, also a weight room with an assorted variety of equipment from pulley machines to free weights.

Help us provide you with a rewarding recreational experience by sharing your ideas and encouraging others to be active. Our staff will be happy to help meet your recreational needs while providing a friendly, helpful and safe environment.


  • Theft: Theft of any equipment will be investigated and disciplinary action as well as legal action will be enforced.
  • Vandalism: The center interprets vandalism as the willful or malicious destruction or defacement of College property. The center has zero tolerance to any damage caused by vandalism. The manager and the Dean will determine disciplinary action taken due to violating the center.
  • Personal Property: The center assumes no responsibility for personal items. All patrons are encouraged to secure their own possessions.
  • Alcohol: Is not allowed in the facility in an open or closed container. Possession of alcohol will result in the individual/s being asked to leave the building. Security and the Barrow police will be notified if the person/s refused to remove themselves and the alcohol.
  • Fighting: The recreation center has zero tolerance for violence or intimidation of any sort. Any physical abuse of any person or conduct which threatens or endangers the health and safety of any member of the College will result in immediate removal and disciplinary actions.
  • Liability: The recreation center and its staff assumes no responsibility for injury received by any person during participation or involvement in any sponsored program. Participants are reminded that their involvement in all facets of the program is voluntary. It is recommended that all participants have a medical examination prior to the activity and carry their own appropriate insurance coverage.

Iḷisaġvik College will assume NO responsibility for the payment of medical expenses resulting from injuries that occur while participating in activities.  Individuals are responsible for reviewing their current health insurance policy to see if you they covered.

No individual under the age of 18 (unless a student of Iḷisaġvik College) is allowed in the center.

For questions pertaining to the Iḷisaġvik Recreation Center, please contact the Student Support Specialist at 907-852-1766.