Uqautchim Uglua

Hear How Uqautchim Uglua is Pronounced

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The Uqautchim Uglua (Language Nest) Learning Center serves the Iḷisaġvik College community as a teacher training lab school and observation site for students enrolled in the program as well as a Bi-lingual Early Learning Center. Practicum and internship opportunities are conducted in an Iñupiaq bi-lingual early learning setting for twelve students ranging from two to three years of age. The Learning Center loosely align curriculum with the North Slope Borough School District’s Iñupiaq Learning Framework (ILF) in a preschool setting. By extending this curriculum to pre-school students, the North Slope’s youngest children will develop the cognitive, interpersonal and motor schools they need to enter school developmentally ready for academic success.

Heidi “Qupak” Ahsoak
Center Manager of Uqautchim Uglua
(907) 852-8101

Naomi “Aaglu” Ahsoak
Lead Teacher of Uqautchim Uglua
(907) 852-8100

Jerica “Niayuq” Aamodt
Coordinator of Iñupiaq Studies
(907) 852-6704

Birgit Meany
Dean of Academic Affairs
(907) 852-1818