Ilisagvik College New Campus

Preliminary Concept Design Competition

Ilisagvik New Facility BannerIḷisaġvik College, located in Utqiaġvik (Barrow), Alaska is accepting Proposals from qualified Alaskan and/or Circumpolar Region Architectural/Engineering (A/E) Teams to participate in a preliminary concept Design Competition for a New Campus. The campus is planned to be designed in phases over a two to three-year period. Construction is scheduled to begin in 2019 with an initial operations target date of August 2022. New facilities are programmed at 150,200 gross square feet building area, with a preliminary estimated total project cost of $175M in 2017 US dollars not including land.

The A/E Team selection method is a Two-Step Design Competition Process in which the three highest scoring A/E Teams identified in the Step-One qualifications phase will advance to Step-Two. Selected A/E Teams will prepare and present preliminary concept designs for evaluation, scoring and selection of the winning team. An honorarium will be provided to responsive Step-Two A/E Teams.

The College anticipates funding to advance the design will be secured during the Step-Two Phase with the intent to initiate contract negotiations for ensuing design services with the winning A/E team.

October 24- December 6; Step -One A/E Selection
The College received seven responses to the Iḷisaġvik College New Campus, Preliminary Concept Design Competition Step-One Request for Qualifications (RFQ) on November 21. The College encouraged Alaska-based firms to team with circumpolar architects with the intent to explore a broader range of ideas and shared knowledge. On December 5, Selection Committee Members met in Utqiaġvik to evaluate and score the Proposals based on firm history, design philosophy, team personnel, team experience, and project understanding. The top-three ranked teams selected to move forward were; Bettisworth North (Fairbanks/Anchorage)/Taylor Architecture Group (Yellowknife, Northwest Territories), Stantec (Fairbanks/Anchorage)/Teeple Architects (Toronto, Ontario), and UMIAQ (Anchorage)/Cibinel Architecture (Winnipeg, Manitoba).

January 9; Step-Two Request for Proposals (RFP)
The top three ranked A/E teams were issued the RFP on January 9. The RFP provided information on the Design Competition schedule, procedures, design goals, proposal submission requirements, and evaluation criteria. A/E Teams will use this information to develop their designs and signed a formal Agreement to Prepare a Proposal prior to starting work on the project.

January 23-24; Cultural Committee Work Sessions
A/E Teams began work on their preliminary concept designs and met with Cultural Committee members on January 23-24 in Utiqaiġvik. The Cultural Work Sessions provided the opportunity to learn what is important to be included in the new campus design that will provide a meaningful cultural identity representative of all the Communities of the North Slope and the Iñupiat People.

February 20-21; Mid-Course Design Review Work Session
A/E teams presented their preliminary design concepts to Selection Committee Members and other College representatives on February 20-21 in Utiqiaġvik. The presentations offered the A/E teams the opportunity to receive constructive feedback on their designs, ask and answer questions, and generally make sure their design is heading in the right direction before they get too far down the road.

April 4; Proposals Due
A/E teams will submit their preliminary concept design submittals on April 4 for review by Selection Committee Members. Design submittals will include a site layout, floor plans, exterior building elevations, building sections, design renderings and a descriptive narrative. Designs will be reviewed for conformance to specific project requirements and A/E teams will have the opportunity to answer questions prior to presenting their design to Selection Committee Members.

April 25-26; Design Presentations, Evaluation, winning A/E Team Selection
A/E Teams will present their preliminary concept designs to Selection Committee Members on April 25-26 in Utqiaġvik. After the final presentation, Selection Committee Members will meet to evaluate and score each of the designs based on function, technical aspects, cultural uniqueness, and aesthetic distinction.

May-August; Concept Design Phase
The winning A/E Team will be contracted to complete the Concept Design and corresponding cost estimate for use in procuring funds to complete subsequent design phases and begin construction. The goal is to complete construction of the Administrative/Classroom Building and Housing in Fall 2022.

Step-One Request for Qualifications