Alaskan residents can give to Iḷisaġvik through the Pick.Click.Give. program every year from January 1 – March 31, while the application for the Permanent Fund Dividend (PFD) is open.
Thank you for giving! We could not have done it without you.




Quyanaqpak to our 2016 Pick.Click.Give. Donors!

Lucinda Akootchook    Judith Andress    Hilda Attungana    Elizabeth Beardsley
Rosemary Beardsley  Ruby Beardsley    Tyler Beardsley    Katherine Brower    Pearl Brower
Christopher Broyles-Sovalik    Geoffry Carroll    Angela Cox    Isla Darling    Yiskah Dattilo
Deborah Edwardson    George Edwardson    Janelle Everett    David Fauske
Benjamin Glover    Christopher Gutierrez-Edwards    Kristin Gutierrez-Edwards
Sonia Henrick    Erin Hollingsworth    Rainey Hopson    Robbyn Igtanloc    Michael Jeffery
Kayla Jeffress    Rene Johnson    James Judkins    Olive Kanayurak
Patricia Kanayurak    Diane Kaplan    Doreen Leavitt    Jonah Leavitt    Rebecca Leavitt    William Leavitt Patricia Lloyd    Edna Maclean    Diane Mathisen    Olivia Moss
Malcolm Noble    George Patkotak    Kent Pendleton    Racquel Quirante    Demitrius Rexford    Mark Roseberry Amanda Sialofi    Brenda Sialofi    Jeclyn Sialofi    Caleb Staelens
Maclean Sweeney    Vineta Tea    
William Tracey    Martina Tuua    Joann Unutoa

To Our Unnamed ANONYMOUS Donors, Thank You As Well!