Dual Credit: Giving Students a Jumpstart on College

Iḷisaġvik College and the North Slope Borough School District have joined together to create a program that provides high school students with courses that carry both high school and college credits. These programs can benefit students whether or not they chose to go on to post secondary education.

Blake Frerking, who teaches the dual credit IC3 Internet and Computing Core Certification Program at Barrow High School, explains it this way. “Students earn high school credit and entry level college credits for this course. But its biggest advantage is that any employer who sees that a job applicant has passed this course knows that the applicant is familiar with most computer office programs and is competent to work them. By passing all three sections of this course and getting a Microsoft Certification Endorsement, the student has proof that he or she has some computer literacy and can do some basic troubleshooting as well as spread sheets and word programs.”

“Without this certification” Frerking continues, “an employer wouldn’t really know what the applicant’s skill level might be.” Frerking believes a course like this gives any potential employee a real advantage in looking for a job.

Iḷisaġvik and the NSBSD are sharing a wide variety of dual credit programs this year that include Health, Science and Technology; BASC Bird Camp; Iñupiat Studies; Iñupiat Land Use Values and Resources; Natural Field Camp with BLM; and a Cultural Environmental Exchange Program that includes a partnership with BASC, BUECI, the Rotary Club and the National Science Foundation. Iḷisaġvik is also partnering with the School District to provide GED courses for village students who come to Barrow for the classes and get to experience dorm and college life while studying.

Iḷisaġvik plans to continue to expand the selections offered in the dual credit program in an effort to reach all students interested in furthering their education.

For information on specific courses that offer dual credits to high school students, as well as the requirements high school students must meet to be eligible for a course.