Harold Nungasak – Iḷisaġvik College Student Spotlight

Harold Nungasak – Iḷisaġvik College Student SpotlightHarold Nungasak Jr. of Barrow is currently enrolled in our GED camp. After he gets his diploma, Harold would like to continue his education with some sort of training, either through more summer camps or classes in the fall. Playing basketball and hunting are Harold’s favorite hobbies, but his life goal is to enjoy the culture by going out boating and taking his family out to camp. At GED camp Harold has been doing his best to excel in reading, math, and graphing. Although the work is difficult, it is his favorite part of the experience. Harold would like to encourage anyone without a diploma to come study at Iḷisaġvik so that they can accomplish their goals and improve their basic skills. He hopes that once he has his GED he will be a strong example of what hard work can lead to.