Iḷisaġvik College awarded Reaffirmation of Accreditation

Iḷisaġvik College awarded Reaffirmation of Accreditation
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Iḷisaġvik College President Dr. Pearl Brower is pleased and honored to announce that the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU) has reaffirmed Iḷisaġvik’s accreditation after the Fall 2017 Year Seven Evaluation. This reaffirmation confirms that Iḷisaġvik College is meeting its obligations to the educational goals of its stakeholders by maintaining regional accreditation.

In its notice to the College, the Commission highlighted the following areas by commending the college staff and faculty for their work:

  1. “The Commission commends President Brower and the Board of Trustees for their leadership, as demonstrated by their personal accountability to the institutional mission, service to the communities throughout the North Slope, and commitment to education and perpetuation of the culture of the Iñupiaq people.
  2. “The Commission commends Iļisaġvik College for its performance as public stewards. The College has consistently produced audit reports, with no findings, well within the Commission timelines, and has established a strong unrestricted reserve as a percentage of the operating budget.
  3. “The Commission commends the College for the effort and process utilized to develop the current phase of the Long Term Facilities Master Plan. This phase sets the stage for developing a defined plan that includes conceptual designs, time frame, costs, and a long term vision for a permanent home for Iļisaġvik College.
  4. “The Commission commends the College for creating workforce development and continuing education programs that effectively meet the workforce and economic development needs of the region and provide flexible pathways to employment for North Slope residents.
  5. “The Commission commends the College for its thoughtful use of limited resources, creative use of facilities, strategic alliances with community partners, and extraordinary service to students both locally and in remote villages.”

President Brower acknowledged the hard work and dedication of Iḷisaġvik’s Accreditation Committee, as well as all faculty, staff, board members and students, who have all contributed to this accomplishment.  Brower added, “I know that when this college was first conceived, there were a lot of people who doubted that you could offer a quality education in such a remote area. We’ve proven that if your community wants education badly enough, it will give you the resources to do it no matter where you are located. I could not be more proud of all the people who have contributed to our success.  Quyanaqpak!”