Iḷisaġvik College Recognizes Arth Brown III, Dean of Vocational Education and Workforce Development appointment to the Adult Basic Education seat of the Alaska Workforce Investment Board.

(December 5, 2018 Utqiaġvik/Barrow, Alaska) Dr. Pearl Brower, Iḷisaġvik College President, is pleased to announce the appointment of Arth Brown III, Dean of Vocational Education and Workforce Development, to the Adult Basic Education (ABE) seat of the Alaska Workforce Investment Board.

According to its official state website, this board “is to build connections that put Alaskans into good jobs.” This comprehensive vision keeps the board focused on developing a workforce system that is useful, accessible and understandable to all of the system’s customers, which include businesses looking for qualified workers, unemployed Alaskans looking for jobs, and incumbent workers wanting to upgrade their skills in a changing work environment.”

Brown has been with Iḷisaġvik College since 2016 and, prior to that, worked at the North Slope Borough School District, Trapper School in Nuiqsut. Brown holds a Master’s of Science in Educational Leadership from Western Governors University. He received his Masters of Arts in Teaching from the University of Alaska Southeast and his Bachelor’s in Construction Management from Southern Illinois University. Prior to his work on the North Slope, Brown worked on a wide variety of projects using his background in construction trades.

Brown, during his interview for the seat, expressed a strong commitment to connecting students to the workforce. He added that he believed ABE is a keystone to supporting students with identified needs reach goals for employment and life. Upon being notified of his selection, Brown issued this statement: “It is an honor to serve our State. I’ll do my best to advocate for Adult Basic Education, Vocational Education, and Workforce Development, for the people of the North Slope Borough and of the State of Alaska.”

For more information on this topic, contact the President’s Office at 907.852.1820.

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