Learn Iñupiaq

The Iñupiaq Studies Department at Iḷisaġvik has created these PowerPoint resources to aid us in learning Iñupiaq. These PowerPoint files contain both written words and audio, so you can hear how words are pronounced. Please feel free to save and share these resources for educational purposes.

General Audio Resources

Common Iñupiaq Words – Iḷisaġvik, Uqautchim Uglua, Greetings, Basic Conversational Words

Iñupiaq Atchagat, Village Names, Introducing Yourself

Monthly Iñupiaq Corners – Audio Versions

Siqiñgiḷaq (December) 2016 – Singular vs. Plural, Christmastime words

Siqiññaatchiaaq (January) 2017 – Noun cases

Text Resources

How to Add Diacriticals to Microsoft Office – This document explains how to add words with diacriticals to the autocorrect function in Microsoft Word and Outlook. You may also use this document to copy the diacritcals for use on social media or other applications.

We will be updating and adding to this page as new resources are created. If you have an idea for a resource you would find helpful, please email jerica.aamodt@ilisagvik.edu