Moodle App FAQ


How can I get the Moodle app?

The Moodle app is available for free from Google Play and the Apple Store. See Moodle app downloads for links. You can also install the app directly from your mobile device by searching for ‘MyCampus IC’ with author/owner ‘MyCampus – Ilisagvik College’’.

I can’t get the app to work. What do I do?

The Moodle app will ONLY work with Moodle sites that have been set up to allow it. Please talk to your Moodle administrator if you have any problems connecting contact

What permissions does the app require?

The app requires the following permissions:

  • Record audio – for uploading to your Moodle site
  • Read and modify the contents of your SD card – for content to be downloaded to your SD Card for offline access.
  • Network access – to be able to connect with your Moodle site and check if you are connected, and if not to switch to offline mode.
  • Run at startup – to receive local notifications even when the app is running in the background.
  • Prevent phone from sleeping – to receive push notifications anytime.

I can’t see my course on the app. What do I do?

Email @ to ensure you are correctly enrolled.

Why can’t I upload my assignment on the app?

Check with your Moodle site administrator

Why can’t I sometimes access the app or submit anything to it?

This could be because of interruptions in your internet connection. Wait a while and try again. If you continue to have problems, contact your Moodle site administrator @

Is there a space limit on my files?

Assignments will have a size limit which you can see. For other space limit questions, check with your Moodle site administrator @

Who should I contact for help with the app?

Your Moodle site administrator can assist you in getting the app to work correctly @

Why is the site asking for my username and password when an activity is opened in the browser?

Auto-login from the app is only supported in sites using Moodle 3.2 onwards. Also, for security reasons, between auto-logins you must wait 6 minutes (this should not be a problem because most of the browsers will keep your Moodle session open).

I use LineageOS and I’m having problems using the app

LineageOS uses a different WebView implementation not compatible with the app. You need to install “Android System WebView” from Google Play (or via a trusted apk) and enable it via Settings > Developer options > WebView implementation.


How can I enable videos in my course to be downloaded?

See the section ‘Media download for offline usage’ in Creating Moodle-app-friendly courses.

Which course format is it best to use?

Topics or weekly course format is best suited to mobile devices.

How do I make YouTube links open automatically in the app?

Add YouTube links as a URL resource.

Why can’t my students see their courses?

If they are correctly enrolled but can still not see their course, ask them to check with your Moodle site administrator @

Any further questions?

Please email