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Behavioral Health

Behavioral Health

Improve the overall mental health of your community!

The Behavioral Health Aide (BHA) program is the result of collaboration between Iḷisaġvik College and the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium (ANTHC). 

A Behavioral Health Aide provides a wide range of frontline behavioral health services to rural communities in Alaska, in communities where they are often the top level of providers available.

This certificate program is the first step towards an Associate of Applied Science degree. Students graduating with the certificate are on a pathway to higher level careers, such as a bachelors and/or master’s degree in social work or psychology. 

The Behavioral Health Aide program at ANTHC was formalized in 2008 and is the youngest of three Health Aide programs that serve on the frontline of healthcare in the Alaska Tribal Health System (the other two programs are Alaska Dental Therapy Education Program and Community Health Aide Program). Currently, there is a significant need for individuals in rural communities who are trained and prepared to provide and coordinate behavioral health services in a culturally and clinically-informed manner and certified through the Community Health Aide Program Certification Board. The BHA program has an established curriculum designed to do such. This Certificate plan has been designed to meet the CHAPCB BHA curriculum requirements and it is aligned with other Alaska-based occupational certifications.

Degree Outcomes

Upon completion of the Certificate program, students will be prepared to:

  • Competently engage with behavioral health prevention and intervention programs.
  • Identify and effectively utilize resources in human services in order to advocate for individual, family, and community needs.
  • Communicate and interact effectively with an indigenous client population.
  • Evaluate and subsequently document accurately client needs.

Admission Requirements & Prerequisites

Admission to the program occurs on two levels: (1) the local level, where the recruitment and selection process is conducted in partnership with the various Tribal Health Organizations (THOs), followed by (2) the state-wide selection process, conducted by ANTHC. For more information about the program and/or the admissions process, please contact the Program Manager.

Programs Offered

  • Certificate, Behavioral Health Aide

Potential Careers

Just a few of the potential career paths: Behavioral Health Aide (various levels), Guidance Counselor, Psychologist, Psychiatrist, Social Worker and much MORE!