Veronicka Ahmaogak – Iḷisaġvik College Student Spotlight

This month’s Student Spotlight is Veronicka Ahmaogak! Her instructor Dave Rice nominated her, saying, “Ronnie has a great attitude about learning. She really enjoys each class that she is taking. She is very diligent, taking time each day to study and work on assignments. I can’t say enough good things about her.”

Born in Barrow, Veronicka and her family have also lived in Barter Island and Wainwright. She raised her son Ray Amiqqaq Esparza in Barrow, and now has a wonderful family: his wife Maria and beautiful grandchildren Mariam and Daniel.

Veronicka earned an Accounting I certificate at Iḷisaġvik in 1995 and decided to update her computer skills with an Accounting II certificate. Topics she’s learned about include Microsoft 2007, Accounting, Business, and Payroll.

She says, “I’ve already learned a lot this year and realized I really love doing Payroll and probably will look for a job that I will feel comfortable doing and know that I have the knowledge to do.  I am very grateful for the teachers (David Rice & Wayne Henrie) that taught me everything in Accounting and for being updated in Microsoft and looking forward to learn Spreadsheets I, II & III 2010 this coming spring.

 I love being with my Family, and Friends playing games, Bingo, also studying to pass time and learn.

It’s never too late to go to College and learn new skills and achieve your goals.  If you continue to upgrade your computer skills it will help you keep up with this fast growing technology we have.  Believe that you can do what you want to achieve in life and to make it better.  New skills will assist you to get a better job and feel comfortable and confident that you are qualified for that job and most of all work at a position that you like to do.”

Veronicka, we are so proud to have you as a student. Keep up the good work!