Iḷisaġvik College Students and Staff Win Prizes at Indigiverse Multimedia Festival

Iḷisaġvik College is proud to announce that several student and staff submissions won prizes at the Indigiverse Multimedia Festival.

Tuluŋigraq, a video by Iḷisaġvik students Tracy and Kimberley Burns of Kaktovik, won First Place in the Best Video – Student category. The sisters made this video, and two others, as part of a grant for our Iñupiaq Studies Program and they pieces will become part of the IÑU 213 – Iñuit Storytelling curriculum. You can see the video here: Tuluŋigraq

Also, Dan Wall and Moni Curiel-Wall’s video, Horror Night, won Best Faculty/Staff Video. You can see that video here: Horror Night

Finally, student and former staff member Nancy Grant won for her photo submission, Celestial Snow.

You can see all the submissions at the Indigiverse Multimedia Festival.

Aarigaa tavrapiallak to these talented members of our IỊisaġvigmiut!