Tuition Waiver

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In an effort to increase access to postsecondary education, Iḷisaġvik College offers the following tuition waivers:

  • Mayor’s Tuition Waiver: North Slope residents receive an education tuition waiver through support from the North Slope Borough’s Mayor. (Must be a North Slope Borough resident for at least 30 days and at least 18 years of age to qualify.)
  • Alaska Native/American Indian Off-Slope Tuition Waiver: Alaska Native/American Indian students who do not reside on the North Slope.
  • North Slope Borough School District Employees
  • North Slope Borough Elder Waiver: North Slope Borough residents, at least 62 years of age.

Tuition waivers are available to help defray the cost of tuition. Waivers are available to all North Slope Borough residents, Native Alaskans and American Indians who wish to pursue a program of study at Iḷisaġvik. Waivers are also available to NSB elders and NSBSD teachers and paraprofessionals, regardless of whether they are in a program. (Iḷisaġvik College employees and dependents not seeking a degree should use the Iḷisaġvik College Employee Tuition Waiver Form.)

TUITION WAIVERS MUST BE COMPLETED EVERY SEMESTER and are due each semester before the withdrawal deadline for the class. For information about late tuition waivers, see the Late Tuition Wavier Acknowledgment.

If you are an Iḷisaġvik College employee, click here for the Iḷisaġvik College Employee/Spouse/Dependent Waiver.

For additional information, please contact Financial Aid at 907-852-1708 or email


Question: Does this waiver apply to CEU classes?
Answer: No, it does not apply to CEU classes, because CEU classes do not have tuition, only fees.
Question: Does the student have to be admitted to a program, or can he/she apply for a waiver if he/she just wants to take an individual class?
Answer: The form includes four types of tuition waivers. When applying for a tuition waiver for the first time, admission to a program is not a requirement. However, for some of the waivers, admission to a program is required if the student wants to continue to receive the waiver.
Question: When is the due date for the completed form to be turned in?
Answer: The due date varies according to semester; however, short-term classes that start after the regular due dates will receive an extension.
Question: Does a student have to have all “A” grades in order to be eligible for a waiver?
Answer: No. However, when taking classes under the waiver, the student must make satisfactory academic progress. This means the student must (1) pass 2/3 of his/her classes and (2) have an overall grade point average of 2.0 (Grade “C”) in order to be eligible for the waiver the next semester.
Question: What if a student owes money to the College, is he/she still eligible for a tuition waiver?
Answer: As long as the balance is less than $500, yes, the student is eligible for the tuition waiver. If the student owes a higher balance, he/she must work out a payment plan with the Business Office and reduce the balance to $500 or less.
Question: Do students have to apply for a scholarship?
Answer: Yes, ALL students have to apply for a scholarship to be eligible for waivers; however, they do not have to be awarded a scholarship. This includes NSBSD employees taking teacher certification classes. Proof of the scholarship application must be attached to this form. For guidance on where to find scholarships, including scholarships with easy applications, contact or call 907-852-1708.
Question: Does the waiver include the cost of books and fees?
Answer: No. The tuition will be waived, but students are responsible for course fees, registration fees, lab kits, art supplies, textbooks and any special costs identified for the course(s). The only exception to this is course fees that are covered by the Mayor’s Tuition Waiver.
Question: Does this waiver apply to dual credit courses?
Answer: No, it does not.
Question: What if I withdraw from a course?
Answer: If you withdraw from a course, it is now the policy of Iḷisaġvik to apply the waiver to the tuition. However, the withdrawal may affect your eligibility for the waiver the following semester. When possible, it is better to drop a class before the drop deadline, rather than waiting until the withdrawal deadline.
Question: Can the tuition waiver be applied to repeat classes, either because the student did poorly or because the student wants to take the class again for personal interest?
Answer: No, the tuition waiver can be applied once to a class, but not repeatedly.