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Liberal Arts

Liberal Arts

Get the basics for your four-year degree!

The Associate of Arts degree offers students an opportunity to explore a variety of disciplines, focus on specific interests, or take specialized courses required in their anticipated baccalaureate programs. The program incorporates the history, values, traditions and knowledge systems of the Iñupiat to enhance student learning.

The AA degree is usually considered a transfer degree and can serve as the freshman and sophomore years at four-year colleges and universities. Students wishing to transfer are strongly urged to meet with their academic advisors early in their freshman year. The AA degree is also an excellent preparation for many career fields. The general education portion of the Associate of Arts degree consists of core courses providing a base of knowledge in several domains.

Degree Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the Associate of Arts degree, graduates will be able to:

  • Make inferences based upon scientific methods and interpretation.
  • Retrieve, analyze, and synthesize information for responsible decision making.
  • Effectively integrate concepts and knowledge for multiple disciplines.
  • Effectively communicate using written and oral communication.

Program Entry & Timing

The AA program is designed to accommodate full and part-time students. Students may begin at any point and may take classes for which they meet the prerequisites.

Programs Offered

  • Liberal Arts Certificate
  • Associate of Arts Degree, Liberal Arts

Potential Careers

Just a few of the potential career paths: Entry-Level Positions in Journalism, Administration, Marketing & Communications, Customer Service and much MORE!