President’s Message

Dear Students,

I am both pleased and honored to welcome you to Iḷisaġvik College. You are about to embark on a wonderful adventure in higher education that, given your effort and dedication, will lead to a lifetime of success in your chosen field, in your life, and assist you in becoming a contributing member in your community.

For some of you, college is a full-time endeavor and the first time you are away from family and on your own. I urge you to remember that your primary focus and main goal is to complete your course of study. Do not let the distractions that life sometimes throws your way turn you from that goal.

And for some of you, college is something you have to fit in between work and family in an attempt to improve your future employment opportunities. You face some very special challenges in trying to fit all your responsibilities into a 24-hour day.

The staff, faculty and administration here at Iḷisaġvik  College understand the special circumstances and challenges facing many of our students. We are well aware of the immense effort it takes to reach the day when you finally graduate with a degree or certificate in your chosen field. Our goal is to provide you with all the support you need to reach that day.

I look forward to meeting you all throughout the school year. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to make your experience the best! Our student support services are available to you seven days a week—whether you need assistance from our faculty, transportation to a class, housing on-site, or other important things to help you succeed, just give our Student Services Office a call, or talk to your instructors. Please remember, if you need help, ask for it.

Together, I know we can make your dreams for the future come true. Have a wonderful school year.



Dr. Pearl Kiyawn Nageak Brower



Paġlagivsi Iḷisaqtuasii,

Quviatchaktitpaŋagivsiñŋa uvva paġlayumiñaqama iḷisaġiaqtuanun Iḷisaġvigmun. Iḷisalluataġniaqtusi, savakpakkuvsi, iñuuluataġniaqtusiḷu iñuuniqtutillavsiññi iḷisaaqsi atuġuvsigu suli ikayuutauniaqpaktusi nunaaqqivsiññi.

Iluqavsikavsak samma Iḷisaġvigmun iḷisaġiaġniaqtusi suli piitpaallugmiḷusi iḷavsiññin. Itqaumalusi aglaan sivulliuruksraq naatchiñmuktuqtuqsrauraksrak iḷisaavsiññik. Allanun tuŋaanasi, aglaan taamna pisuktaqsi makpiġaaq naatchiñiq pisigilugu.

Iḷisaqtuat iḷaŋi suli samma, iḷisaġniaġniaġmuisi savallavsi suli qaunagimmivḷugi iḷgirasi, tainnakii tavra savaaqsi qutchinmuktuġukkaluaqlugu. Tainnatun tavra piñiluktusi savaaksrasi iñiakkaluaŋaisa uvlum kiavallagniŋani.

Savaktiŋi Iḷisaġvigmi kaŋiqsiumarut qanutun siġḷiġnaqtilaaŋanik iḷisaqtuat apqusaaġniŋat. Iḷisaqtuat iḷisimagivut qanutun utaqqiñŋuliġmatun taamna makpiġaaq naatchiñiq tigulaġataġuvsiuŋ.                 Savaktiuruagut Iḷisaġvigmi ikayuiñiḷugniaqtugut taamna makpiġaaq naatchiñiq sivulliġilugu.

Tavra iluqavsi iḷisaqtuasii kasuġukkivsi ukiupak. Iḷisimatkaġluŋa qanuq sunapayaaq piyumiñaġupku piḷḷuataġniqsraqsi itchumauq ukiupak! Samma ikayuqtiqaġniaqtusi uvlutuaq – savaktiniñ, naakka usiaqsiġvikun iḷisagiaġniaġuvsi, iniksravsiññik kummaalugniaqtugut, naakkaunnii qanuġliqaa ikayuġmiñaguvsigiñ, ququulalugi savaktivut Iḷisaġvigmi, naakkaunnii iḷisaurrit. Itqaumapiallaglugu suli apiqsruiñiq ikayuqsiuġuvsi.

Iḷisimaruŋa taamna makpiġaaq naatchiñiq piññaktaallapiallagiksi atautchikun savakkupta. Ukiuq taamna iḷisaġniqsi qanuqtuq quvianaġli.



Dr. Pearl Kiyawn Nageak Brower