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Iñupiaq Studies

Iñupiaq Studies

Honor your past while training for your future.

The Iñupiaq Studies program offers students an opportunity to pursue certifications in Inupiaq culture and language, and lead the way to complete an Associate of Arts degree. The program incorporates the history, knowledge, values, and traditions of the Inupiat to enhance student learning.

The program is designed to accommodate full and part-time students. Through this program, students will be able to develop objects of art in the Iñupiaq style using at least three different media, advance their capability to understand and speak semi-fluent Iñupiaq, and demonstrate an increased understanding of the relationship between the Inupiaq culture with the land, sea, and animals.

Programs Offered

  • Associate of Arts, Iñupiaq Studies
  • Iñupiaq Language and Culture Certificates I & II

Potential Careers

Just a few of the potential career paths: Freeland Craftsman, Tourism Industry, Village Liasion, Iñupiaq Language Teacher, Admin Position at the Heritage Center, Admin Positions at North Slope Borough and much MORE!