Unapologetically Iñupiaq

Being “Unapologetically Iñupiaq” means that everyone is welcome, but when you elect to attend Iḷisaġvik, or when you elect to work at Iḷisaġvik—because we are electing to—students, staff and faculty are going to experience an Iñupiaq experience.

“Unapologetically Iñupiaq” means exercising the sovereign inherent freedom to educate our community through and supported by our Iñupiaq worldview, values, knowledge and protocols.

It is Iñupiaq to be respectful to all people.

In asserting our stance as being “Unapologetically Iñupiaq,” we are not asserting that “saying yes” to our Iñupiaq culture, means “saying no,” to the ways of everyone else: It’s all additive. Being “Unapologetically Iñupiaq” does not prohibit non-Iñupiaq students, staff and faculty from being who they are when they go home. It’s all things at all times, with traditional ways and VEWFD and Academics. We intend to help our students understand how to connect with students from all walks of life, especially in light of the incredible diversity on the North Slope, because respecting all people is an Iñupiaq way of being.