Mission & Vision

Sivuniq: Mission

Iḷisaġvik College iḷisalluataġviqaqtitchiruq iḷisavsaallasiniġmun, savaaqallasiñiġmun suli sum savagnaġniŋagun iḷisaġviqaqhutiŋ sivunmun suli suaŋŋaktaallavlugu Iñupiat iñuuniaġusiat, Iñupiuraaġniŋat, piqpagiraŋisigun, suli piraġausiŋisigun.

Naparuq ikayuutauvłuni iḷisaqtuanun suli naupkaqługi iḷitchiḷḷuataŋaruat suli anniqsuutaullasiŋaruat savaktiksrat North Slope-miḷu state of Alaska-miḷu.

Iḷisaġvik College provides quality post-secondary academic, vocational and technical education in a learning environment that perpetuates and strengthens Iñupiat culture, language, values, and traditions.

It is dedicated to serving its students and developing a well-educated and trained workforce who meet the human resource needs of North Slope employers and the state of Alaska.

Tikisaksraq: Vision

Ikayuutauluta Nunaaqqiñun Suaŋŋaktaaġlugit Iḷisaġnikunlu Suraġallasiñikunlu.

To help build strong communities through education and training.

Iñupiaqatigiigñiq: Traditional Iñupiat Values

Elder teaches young girl how to stretch a seal skin.
  • Qiksiksrautiqaġniq Iñuuniaġvigmun – Respect for Nature
  • Aviktuaqatigiigñiq – Sharing
  • Iñupiuraallniq – Knowledge of Language
  • Paammaaġigñiq – Cooperation
  • Iḷagiigñiq – Family and Kinship
  • Piqpakkutiqaġniq suli Qiksiksrautiqaġniq Utuqqanaanun Allanullu – Love and Respect for Our Elders and One Another
  • Quvianġuniq – Humor
  • Anuniallaniq – Hunting Traditions
  • Nagliktuutiqaġniq – Compassion
  • Qiñuiññiq – Humility
  • Paaqlaktautaiññiq – Avoidance of Conflict
  • Ukpiqqutiqaġniq – Spirituality

Core Themes

As an expression of this mission, Iḷisaġvik College pursues the following core themes:

Iñupiaq Culture and Values

Instruction and activities which incorporate principles of traditional education, including the promotion of Iñupiaq culture and values and which provides opportunities for participation in cultural events important to the essence of being Iñupiaq.

Academic Education

Education embodied in the Associate of Arts, the Associate of Science and the Associate of Applied Science degrees from which students either enter the workforce or transfer to four-year institutions.

Applied Knowledge and Skills to Develop the Local Workforce

Education and training embodied in Certificates, Workforce Development programs, and partnerships with business and industry, which either prepare participants to enter the workforce or to gain additional skills to enhance their abilities in the workforce.

Access & Support

Those activities which either prepare students to enter college-level programs or enable students to undertake college programs by providing classes to villages and providing the financial and learning resources to enable them to be successful in their endeavors.