Iḷisaġvik College Iñupiaq Studies

Iñupiaq Studies

The Iñupiaq Studies program is designed to accommodate full and part-time students. Students may begin at any point and may take classes for which they meet the prerequisites.

Students who wish only to pursue the Certificate in Fine Arts and do not meet the general admission requirements may be admitted to the certificate program upon the recommendation of the faculty coordinator when s/he sees evidence of potential success.

Iñupiaq Studies Associate of Arts Degree

Course Requirements

Iñupiaq Studies students must complete the following specialization and related instruction requirements: Students must complete 60 credits at the 100 level or above, with at least 20 of the 60 credits earned at the 200 level or above. Courses are distributed among degree requirements and electives.

Program Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the Iñupiaq Studies program, graduates will:

  • Achieve a fundamental knowledge of Iñupiaq grammatical construction.
  • Achieve and advanced their capability to understand and then respond back in fluent Iñupiaq.
  • Gain an appreciation of the centrality of language to culture as well as gained a basic understanding of the influences on Iñupiaq art across the North Slope.
  • Develop objects of art in the Iñupiaq style using at least three different media; refined artistic skills in one or more media.
  • Demonstrate increased understanding of the relationship of Iñupiaq culture to the land, sea and animals.
  • Perpetuate the mission of the college and North Slope through integration of their studies into personal and professional life.