Iḷisaġvik College - Admissions

Become A Student

Iḷisaġvik College is the only accredited, Alaska Native controlled higher education institution in Alaska, and is the only college located within the boundaries of the Arctic Slope. In 2005, we also became the only Tribal College in the state. Every program we offer at the college not only models our Iñupiat traditions, values, and culture, but also has substantial career and employment opportunities in the Arctic as well as elsewhere in Alaska. The College offers its students an educational experience tailored to fit their needs and schedules. Iḷisaġvik reaches out to students and offers a way for them to get the education they need to provide for themselves and their families. Whether you are a full time mom, looking to change careers, or looking to increase your skills in your chosen field, Iḷisaġvik has a program that can work around your schedule. Here at Iḷisaġvik, we recognize each individual student for who they are and what their specific needs might be. Whether it’s something as simple as picking you up at the airport when you come in from your village, helping to find safe, sober and secure housing for you while you attend Iḷisaġvik, or hosting Native food potlucks, we personalize our service for you.

Steps to Starting at Iḷisaġvik:

  1. Call Recruiter
    907.852.1798 or 1.800.478.7337 ext. 1798
  2. Do you Need Funding?
    Contact Financial Aid Office.
    907.852. 1708 or 1.800.478.7337 ext. 1708
  3. Submit Application
    907.852.1757 or 1.800.478.7337 ext. 1757
  4. Do you Need Housing?
    Submit your housing application.
    907.852.1809 or 1.800.478.7337 ext. 1809
  5. Meet with your Advisor and Register for Classes
    907.852.1757 or 1.800.478.7337 ext. 1757
  6. Attend Orientation
  7. Purchase Books
  8. Attend Class
  9. Your Future Begins!

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